MYSP Announces a new “Shared Photo Gallery” Page

Upload Haunted Attraction/Haunted Event/Horror Genre Art & Photographs

Here is something new we are adding for 2012.  We realize there are a lot of great Haunted Attractions/Haunted Event’s  out there that is unable to cover each season with photographs.  So we have decided to open a “Haunted Attraction/Haunted Events/Horror Genre Art & Photographs”  Shared Photo Gallery.

This is your chance to share your Haunted Attraction photos, art work & much more.

If you are a Haunted Attraction Owner/Manager or someone who has worked at a Haunted Attraction who has photographs you would like to share, please fill out the form below, attach your photos and we will add them to’s Shared Photo Gallery. will not edit photographs however we will review them for content before adding them to our website.  Please no nude shots, blood and gore will work just fine.

Here are some examples of what we are looking for:

  1. Haunted Attraction photographs.
  2. Haunted Events like Zombie Walks or any special event photographs.  These can include conventions, parties & much more.
  3. Art work, please only include works from the horror genre.  This can include drawings, paintings, makeup shots & much more.  Use your imagination.

If your photographs have tags or watermarks already on them, please leave them intact.

All photographers/Artists will receive full credit for their work.

To submit your photographs click here






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